What happened to Wendy Bell on the radio?

CONSERVATIVE radio host Wendy Bell is no longer on the air for WJAS in Pittsburgh, according to officials.

She had become a full-time host for the station earlier this year.

What happened to Wendy Bell on the radio?

Michele Bradac, director of marketing for St Barnabas Health System, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on May 10 that Bell “is currently not an on-air host for WJAS."

The Pennsylvania radio station is owned by St Barnabas Broadcasting.

“It is a personnel matter,” Bradac told the newspaper.

“It’s a situation that’s being currently handled by our company.”

Bradac had previously lost jobs at television station WTAE and radio station KDKA for inappropriate social media posts and comments, according to the newspaper.

Bradac told the newspaper that it was not clear if or when Bell would return.

What did Wendy Bell say about her absence?

Bell made a statement on Facebook on May 10.

Good morning. America!!," she started the message.

"All is good! Believe me. It’s all good.

"I want to thank – and remind each of you to support, if possible – my tremendous sponsors.

"The men and women behind these businesses are behind ME. They are patriots. They are good, honest folks. They’re our kind of people."

Bell then listed a series of businesses and people she wanted to thank.

"I adore them," she added.

"I wouldn’t talk about these people if I didn’t believe in them.

"Stay tuned, America. I have your 6. Stay tuned and thank you, all!"

Bell became a full-time host at WJAS in March. That same month she spoke at a protest where demonstrators complained about masks and the 2020 election, won by Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

“I’ll bet some of you were even at the big insurrection on Jan. 6, peacefully assembling, listening to the real president of the United States,” she said, according to the Post-Gazette.

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