What is One Britain One Nation day?

THE Department for Education in June 2021 announced schools would be encouraged to celebrate One Britain One Nation Day.

The national day on Friday, June 25, has been described by the Department as being about learning “shared values of tolerance, kindness, pride and respect”.

What is One Britain One Nation day?

The OBON campaign was reportedly launched by West Yorkshire-based former policeman Kash Singh, in 2005.

Mr Singh told Times Radio: “We started the concept in Bradford and West Yorkshire, and it's been very, very successful indeed, so what we want to look at is taking it across the nation.

“It was something that was born from my dream as a police officer, in terms of what I'd see, in terms of my passion, pride and frustration, and something that I feel needed to be done in this country.

“This country is a brilliant country. I came to this country as a six-year-old kid who couldn't speak a word of English. My parents were labourers, they worked in a factory and foundry, and there are fantastic people in this country.

“One of the things that was missing for me was what we need to do, is we need an organisation that the people of this country can align themselves to, to showcase their passion, pride and love for this great nation.”

Plans for the event, which include the suggestion that schoolchildren across the country sing a song celebrating “strong Britain, great nation”, have been met with mixed responses.

After first listening to the tune, Conservative MP Caroline Nokes tweeted: ‘I can’t unhear this (however fervently I wish I could).’

Meanwhile, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon admitted she thought it was a “spoof” when she first heard it.

Other criticisms have included that the day is scheduled for when Scottish schools have broken up for summer. 

It’s unclear how many schools will take part, with the organisation not being government-affiliated.

When is One Britain One Nation day in 2021?

One Britain One Nation Day will be recognised on Friday 25 June of 2021.

According to reports from the Yorkshire Post, a handful of schools, predominantly in Singh’s area, have previously celebrated “OBON” day.

However, it has not previously been a widely-celebrated event.

It’s unclear how many schools will take part, with the organisation not being government-affiliated.

How can I celebrate it?

Schools across the nation were being encouraged to celebrate One Britain One Nation day.

Suggested celebrations for the day included  singing a song called the “OBON Day Anthem 2021”, which ends with the children repeatedly chanting, “Strong Britain, great nation”.

The song featured the chorus: “We are Britain and we have one dream, to unite all people in one great team.”

The “OBON DAY 2021 Brochure” featured on the One Britain One Nation website suggested parents and teachers could “Dress [your] children in red, white and blue and utilise this theme throughout school to decorate classrooms etc”.

Another suggestion was to: “Allow children to unpack the meaning of Shared Values of British Citizenship”.

It was not clear whether the day was meant to be celebrated by older Brits.

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