‘White-hating gang’ finally face justice for ‘torturing Brit and slaughtering his sister sister-in-law’ in South Africa – The Sun

A GANG of  "white-hating" men have gone on trial accused of murdering a Brit's sister-in-law before torturing him and his wife.

Devastated David Thomas, 68, has waited nearly two years for the brutal gang accused of shooting dead Heila Kilian, 63, to face justice.

David and his wife Brenda were treating her sister Heila to a barbecue at their remote South African farmstead when five armed men jumped them.

Churchgoing mum-of-four Heila was shot through the heart from behind and died instantly as their attackers wearing balaclavas and orange boiler suits allegedly bundled the survivors to the ground.


Former engineer David from Effingham, Surrey and ex-school teacher Brenda were savagely beaten along with their close friend Shaun Vorster, 51.

Divorced dad-of-two David had his head repeatedly smashed against a wall by the gang who allegedly told him they “hated whites”.

The gang allegedly threatened him and Shaun with death for over an hour, holding guns and knives to their heads until finally one agreed to open a hidden safe.

Sakhumzi Benya, 29, Nkosihethu Nocuza, 25, Msomi Nikani, 25, Monwabisi Maki, 23, and Xolusani Myoyi, 29, all pleaded not guilty to murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition and malicious damage to property and theft when they appeared before Judge Lister.

A moving video taken by David just minutes before Heila was murdered shows her and her sister Brenda toasting him with glasses of red wine as their tenant Shaun cooks the food.

Shortly after this footage ends fun loving mother-of-four Heila was dead.

Mossel Bay High Court in Western Province heard that one of the men raised a pistol and walked up behind unsuspecting Heila and shot her dead from behind with a single shot.

The three survivors were put through two hours of torture and beatings until brave Brenda managed to escape and the gang panicked and fled in David’s stolen Toyota Hilux.

They had forced Shaun to open his safe under threat of death and escaped with a number of hunting rifles, a shotgun, a pistol, hunting knives and £1600 in cash and Brenda’s jewellery.

Victim Mr Vorster told the court: "David was playing gospel music on his guitar and the ladies were sharing cell phones photos and I saw him just stand up and drop his guitar.

"I could see fear in his eyes and at same time heard voices behind me and turned round and the attackers came straight for us and they had firearms that were pointed straight at us.

"I dropped the casserole I was holding and they were on top of me and had a knee pushed into my back and a firearm pushed into the back of my head until I was on the ground.

"I was told not to move and my mouth and nose was in the sand my arm up behind my back and then I heard a gunshot go off and then a sound like someone letting out a deep breath."



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