Woman who took jet to MAGA rally caught on video inside the Capitol

Texas real estate broker who boasted about taking private jet to MAGA rally with all ‘the working class’ but denied storming the Capitol is caught on film INSIDE

  • Jenna Ryan, from Frisco, Texas, shared pictures & videos of her trip via jet to DC 
  • Video from her livestream has revealed she was inside the Capitol building 
  • Ryan denied she was inside the building after posing next to broken windows
  • The real estate broker claimed she had traveled to nation’s capital ‘for freedom’, adding that ‘God wanted us here today’   
  • Ryan later tweeted about the chaos, proudly admitting she ‘stormed’ the Capitol with a mob of fellow Trump loyalists 

Videos from the Capitol siege appear to show a Texan Trump supporter who gained notoriety for travelling to the rally in a private jet inside the building –  despite her previous denials.  

Jenna Ryan, from Frisco, hosted live streams from the rally which showed her stepping inside the federal building with a mob of protesters shouting ‘here we are, in the name of Jesus’.

Another shows her in among a large group of supporters as they entered the building which was stormed on Wednesday. 

Previously, Ryan had denied entering the Capitol to her local news channel but admitted that maybe her ‘feet had crossed the threshold’.

During the chaos, she also shared photos on social media of her posing at the rally, which she claimed was attended by ‘working class people’ and described as ‘one of the best days of my life’. 

Jenna Ryan, from Frisco, Texas, denied being inside the Capitol during the riots last Wednesday but videos have since emerged of her in the entrance

The Texas woman filmed herself entering the building on a live stream and other footage from the chaos shows her standing among fellow Trump supporters

Ryan, a real estate broker from Texas, shared a series of live streams and pictures of her at the riots in Washington last week, including one which shows her inside the Capitol

She posed in front of smashed windows in the capital and hosted live streams on Facebook as she walked through the streets towards the Capitol

Ryan, who the New York Post reports is also a radio host, shared snaps with her friends en route to the event in a private plane after flying out of US Trinity Aviation in Denton. 

She captioned a picture of herself and some friends: ‘Here we go!!! #stopthesteal #dfwpatriots #PatriotParty #MarchForTrump.’   

The day of the march, Ryan documented the chaos in a livestream, claiming they had flown to Washington ‘for freedom.’ 

‘We the people are pissed off… We flew by a private jet, God wanted us here today. Trump is my president,’ she said in the video. 

In her livestream video she can be seen following a large group of people inside the Capitol building while they chant ‘USA’. 

Once inside she and her friends discuss the chances of them being sprayed and Jenna says she won’t go any further because she doesn’t have any goggles. 

A woman she is with says: ‘If we push hard enough they’ll budge.’ 

Ryan continues to film as people with bright red faces are seen squinting, appearing to have been pepper sprayed.  

Ryan, right, posed for pictures on board a private jet with her friends as they headed to Washington DC to join the rally on Wednesday

The group, including Ryan (left), posed for a picture in front of the private jet they hired to take them from Denton, Texas, to the capital to join the rally 

There are now calls for her arrest after one of the live streams, which has since been deleted from her Facebook page, showed her inside the building when it was stormed despite her claiming she never entered. 

Members of the public have been sending thousands of messages to the local authorities in Frisco as well as the FBI calling for her arrest. 

One wrote: ‘@FriscoPD This is Frisco’s Jenna Ryan making her intent to do a crime clear. I think that it would be mighty fine of Frisco’s finest to do their part in arresting this woman.’

Another is actress Nancy Lee Grahn who tweeted: ‘ @FBI Texas real estate broker, JENNA RYAN flew to coup via private jet, posted photos & videos of her next to shattered windows at the Capitol & tweeted.’

Tweeting about the uprising on Wednesday, Ryan proudly admitted to ‘storming’ the Capitol with the mob of Trump loyalists. 

‘We just stormed the capital (sic). It was one of the best days of my life,’ she said in a tweet. 

Since the rally, people on social media have been calling for Ryan’s arrests, sending messages to local Frisco police as well as the FBI

‘We DID!!! It was fabulous!!!! I’m a PATRIOT!!!! We were on the US Capitol Steps having the time of our lives. Excuse me for being a Trump fan,’ she said in a subsequent tweet reply to another user. 

There is no indication she is being sought by police. 

The real estate broker, who has since made her Twitter account private, shared a public statement on Facebook on Friday. 

She said: ‘I am a conservative Republican radio host from Dallas, Texas who loves the USA. On my show, The Jenna Ryan Show I openly discuss my political views as well as the views of others.

‘I was invited to go to Washington D.C. by a friend to witness the march. Unfortunately, what I believed to be a peaceful political march turned into a violent protest.

‘I do not condone the violence that occurred on January 6, 2020 and I am truly heartbroken for the people who have lost their lives.

In her live stream  Ryan (pictured) told viewers she was marching ‘for you’ and ‘for freedom’, claiming they are ‘sick and tired of the Communist take over’

The real estate broker has been vocal about Wednesday’s rally on Twitter, as a video has been circulating on the platform which shows her saying: ‘We’re gonna be breaking those windows’

She told viewers ‘this is the prelude to the war that is about to happen’ and later described the rally in Washington DC as ‘one of the best days of my life’

‘Hatred and violence toward each other are not going to solve our country’s issues.

‘As a nation, we need to come together Republican, Democrat and Independent and have an open and honest discussion about the issues in our country and resolve our issues in peace.’

Speaking to Spectrum News 1 she said she was at the White House during the day but went back to her hotel before heading to the Capitol when she saw the protesters had made it inside the building on the news. 

She claims she attended to serve her country and Trump, describing the march as ‘fabulous’.

Ryan told a local reporter that she did not smash any windows and didn’t enter the capital, explaining she only made it inside the threshold. 

Since the rally she has received thousands of death threats and people attacking her business. Despite this, she said she would do it all over again and has no regrets. 

Dozens of those involved in the violent siege, labeled as ‘great patriots’ by the president, are yet to be identified and the FBI is now asking for the helping in finding them. 

Jenna was one of thousands of people who attended the rally of Trump supporters who took to the streets of Washington last week

Pro-Trump protesters storm into the U.S. Capitol during clashes with police during the rally in Washington DC yesterday 

Despite receiving death threats and the effect on her business as a real estate broker, she said she would do it all over again

Army Secretary McCarthy said that at least 25 domestic terrorism cases had been opened. 

In one of her videos, Ryan revealed she was marching ‘for you’ and ‘for freedom’, claiming they are ‘sick and tired of the Communist take over’.

She continued: ‘All these working class people taking the week off. They want to steal the election, they want to steal everything.’

As the video continued rolling Ryan, who was dressed in Trump memorabilia, said: ‘Stop the steal. They are taking our country from us. This is the prelude to the war that is about to happen. We are not messing around.’

The clip showed street vendors selling a range of Trump emblazoned hats, scarves and flags which were being handed out to protesters. 

The broker was also tagged in several pictures of her grinning as she holds a bag and what appears to be a flag pole. 

While violence broke out, she beamed as she stood in front of a window at the Capitol which had been smashed. 

The caption read: ‘Window at The capital. And if the news doesn’t stop lying about us we’re going to come after their studios next.’  


Capitol Cop Brian Sidnick, 42 – ‘MURDERED’ by the mob

Sidnick was allegedly hit over the head with a fire extinguisher during the chaos. It’s unclear where exactly he was when he was injured; many of his colleagues were outnumbered on the day. 

He retreated to his division office afterwards which is where he collapsed. He was taken to the hospital, put on life support but died on Thursday night. 

Federal prosecutors have now launched a murder investigation into his death. Like the people he was fighting, he supported Trump. 

Roseanne Boyland, 34 – Trampled in the Rotunda 

Roseanne Boyland, 34, from Georgia was ‘trampled in the Rotunda’, her family told DailyMail.com on Thursday after police she had been potentially ‘crushed’ in the mob. 

Her family said she had planned to ‘hang back’ but was emboldened by Trump’s speech earlier on Wednesday.  

They say they blame Trump for her death. 

Ashli Babbitt, 35 – Shot dead by cops climbing into the Capitol building

Ashli Babbitt, 35, was a 14-year air force veteran who was fatally shot in the chest by Capitol Police as she breached the building. 

A witness to the shooting suggested the San Diego local was shot by police when she tried to climb through a broken window to get into congressional chambers.

She was pictured lying on the ground afterwards with blood streaming from her nose. She was the only person shot on Wednesday. 

Kevin Greeson, 55 – Had a heart attack ‘in the midst of excitement’   

His family said in a statement: ‘Kevin had a history of high blood pressure, and in the midst of the excitement, suffered a heart attack. Our family is devastated.’

Social media photographs show Greeson posing proudly with two AR-15 rifles. He regularly posted on the website Parler where he encouraged violence against Democrats.  

Among recent comments was: ‘Let’s take this f*****g country BACK! Load your guns and take to the s streets. I’m bringing my guns.’  

Ben Phillips, 50 – Had a stroke after leading caravan of Trump fans from PA to DC 

According to The Inquirer, Phillips described the day as ‘the first day of the rest of our lives’. 

‘They should name this year Zero because something will happen,’ his friends claim he said before the riot got underway. 

Phillips founded the website Trumparoo, where Trump supporters can speak to each other, and organized transport for dozens of people to get to DC from Pennsylvania on Wednesday. 

It’s unclear at what point in the day he suffered his stroke, or if he was married or had children. 

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